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Sovereign Package
A condensed study in the evolution of freedom
Designed for the entire family


The U. S. Government, the state government and local government have become so powerful that only an IDEA can stop them. We can't stop them at the voting booth. We might be able to stop them with the courts, but since the courts are mostly corrupt, that avenue is iffy at best and would require millions upon millions of dollars to be effective. We might be able to stop them with a massive TV advertising campaign, but again, that would take multi-millions of dollars and a message that would resonate with the majority of Americans.

Rush Limbaugh has been on the air for 30 years, spouting conservative principles. Rush Limbaugh has a huge national audience but nothing has changed. Sean Hannity has been on TV for two decades exposing government corruption. Nothing has changed. Almost 40 years ago, William E. Simon, Secretary of Treasury, told us we were on a suicide path, but nothing has changed. What makes anyone think that something else will come along and magically save America from itself? A fool's errand. Only a powerful IDEA can restore American freedom.

It took at least 5 generations to get America where it is today, ever since the Progressive movement was born in the late 1800's. It could take a couple more generations to return America to its roots with an IDEA, but only if the IDEA swept through the people like an infectious disease. The propagation of that IDEA can only come through education of the masses, but an education outside of the Public School system, or academia. However, if this highly specific education went viral, we might be able to make a giant turn towards freedom in just two presidential election cycles.

Must start with a powerful symbol

The first part of the education in freedom starts with a symbol, or an image, around which an individual can identify with the IDEA. We have chosen the "I Am Sovereign" Coin, as shown below. The wealth of this Coin is in the IDEA, the IDEA of each American being a Sovereign. Treasure the IDEA. Hold it in reverence. The coin should be kept with you and shown around so that others may be exposed to the IDEA. When you are in a group, take the coin out of your pocket and twirl it on the table. Others will be curious and ask what it is and what does it mean. That is how the IDEA will propogate and sweep across the land. The CROSS symbol was the IDEA that swept Christianity throughout the world and still lives today. The "I Am Sovereign" coin could be the symbol that sweeps the IDEA across America, that Americans are truly Sovereign.

I am Sovereign
shiny zinc-brass alloy
1.75" in diameter, weighing 2 ounces
the weight and feel of a real coin

The second part of the education comes from the roots and history of freedom. The education should start with philosophers Aristotle and Plato on freedom, then proceed to the Magna Carta of 1215 where the more contemporary concepts of individual freedom were born. The education should continue with the writings of Philospher John Locke (1632 - 1704). From there it should go onto the Declaration of Independence, the Federalist Papers and the U. S. Constitution. Every adult and child above the age of 13 needs to study these documents to fully understand what being a sovereign and freedom mean and how they relate to the individual's relationship with government, as a SOVEREIGN. Finally, the information should include a list of simple things of what each person can do to help "SAVE THE USA."

One of our Founding Fathers said this:

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization,
it expects what never was and never will be."


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Sovereign Empowerment Package
A condensed study in the evolution of freedom
Designed for the entire family

The "Sovereign Empowerment Package"
Would fit right in with Home Schoolers

We have assembled the sovereign symbol (the coin) and the pieces of history in our "Save the USA", "Sovereign Empowerment Package." The entire package consists of the following:

1. One "I AM SOVEREIGN" coin shown above.

2. Aristotle and Plato on Freedom - Microsoft WORD format (on USB Flash Drive)

3. History of the Magna Carta in 1215 - Microsoft WORD format (on USB Flash Drive)

4. The basic philosophy behind John Locke's writings - Microsoft WORD format (on USB Flash Drive)

5. Founding Documents - in booklet form
            a. About the Founding Fathers
            b. Articles of Confederation
            c. The Declaration of Independence
            d. The U. S. Constitution
            e. About the U. S. Supreme Court

6. The Federalist Papers - in booklet form

7. The powerful benefits of capitalism - Microsoft WORD format - (on USB Flash Drive)

8. The "Little Black Box" Theory - Microsoft WORD format - (on USB Flash Drive)

9. "Are Americans to Be Herded Like Cattle?" - Microsoft WORD format (on USB Flash Drive)

10. "Connecting the Crooked Dots" Booklet - How to investigate corrupt politicians and bureaucrats - Microsoft WORD format (on USB Flash Drive)

11. A list of Internet links to almost all state statutes - Microsoft WORD Format (on USB Flash Drive)

12. How To Form A Local Organization to Fight Government - Microsoft WORD Format (on USB Flash Drive)

13. Understanding Constitutional Property Rights - Microsoft WORD format (on USB Flash Drive)

14. General Information and Other Vital Resources - Microsoft WORD format (on USB Flash Drive)

15. A List of simple things you can do to help save America - Microsoft WORD format (on USB Flash Drive)

NOTE: Each item shown above, indicating they are on a USB Flash Drive, appear in the Package on a single USB Flash Drive. The Flash Drive can be used on any computer with a USB port and almost all computers have a USB port. The real old computers don't.

To order your "Sovereign Empowerment Package", click on the "BUY NOW" button below. If you would like to order the Package by check or money order, send your check in the amount of $54.90 (U. S. Dollars) with your name, address and phone number (and e-mail address) to NARLO Limited LLC at P. O. Box 1031, Issaquah, WA 98027. Make your check payable to "NARLO - STUSA." (Price includes shipping and handling.)

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The Sovereign Empowerment Package $49.95 + s & h

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The "I Am Sovereign" coin

I am Sovereign
Get your own
shiny zinc-brass alloy coin.
1.75" in diameter, weighing 2 ounces,
the weight and feel of a real coin.
These coins could be a collector's item.
To purchase one or more "I Am Sovereign" coins,
Click on the image.

We are making the "I Am Sovereign" coin separately available in lots of five (5) and ten (10). These coins could become collector's items. To order your "I Am Sovereign" coins by credit card, use the "BUY NOW" buttons below.

Five (5) "I Am Sovereign" Coin $49.75 + s & h

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