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Bundle of Kindling

How To Break A Bundle of Kindling

We told a well-known story once, about a business man with three sons that wanted to turn his business over to one of his sons that he thought had the experience and skill to continue the business successfully. So the man designed a little test for his three sons. He wrapped a bundle of kindling with a strong string. Separately, he handed the bundle to the first son and told him to break it. The first son, try as he might, couldn't do it. So the man gave the bundle to the second son and the second son couldn't break it either. Finally, feeling a little frustrated about the test and his sons, he handed the bundle to the third son and told him to break it. To his surprise, the third son immediately picked up a knife, cut the string around the bundle and then broke each piece of the smaller kindling with his hands. The father had found his successor.

To solve many of the major problems besetting America, we must "break" each problem, one-by-one. If we try to tackle all the problems at once, we will be overwhelmed.

So that is exactly the plan we are setting out to do. We will describe the problem and then offer a solution. But keep in mind that the solution will have absolutely no impact unless millions of Americans participate.

But first, each participant must educate themselves with the basics of freedom, liberty and a Constitutional Republic. Without this knowledge you will have no idea what you are fighting for. To gain this knowledge, you need to avail yourself of our Empowerment Package. The information contained in the Empowerment Package should be read and re-read by every teenager above 13 and every adult. To learn more about the Empowerment Package click HERE.

Problem No. 1 - Illegal Immigration

Problem No. 2 - Sanctuary Cities and States

Problem No. 3 - Public Education

Proglem No 4 - Health Care

Problem No. 5 - Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid

Problem No. 6 - The National Debt

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The Elusive Sex Particle
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The Righteous
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The Encirclement
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