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If Americans don't band together and fight back, freedom, liberty and property rights will lose all meaning in America and a way of life, a good way of life, will go the way of the Dodo bird. The brutal reality is that only a ground swell of national outrage will reverse the course of socialism and environmental extremism in America and return us to a Constitutional Republic. Americans of all stripes can and should be the catalyst to incite that outrage. Americans are "Sovereign" and that is their power, if they will use that power, before they lose it."

To that end we are encouraging all Americans, in their own interests, to organize all across America in county "Sovereign" Chapters.

Forming a "Save the USA" Sovereign County Chapter is fairly straight forward:

1. Assemble at least 10 interested Americans at a single location and select a leader. Agree among you to be committed to explore the history behind freedom and individual sovereigns using the "Sovereign Empowerment Package." If you don't know and understand your own liberty you can't educate your children and you won't know whether you are truly free or not.

2. Agree to pay "Save the USA" the sum of $99.95 as a one-time Chapter Fee. The Chapter Fee provides the funds necessary for us to support our Chapters all around the U. S. We will also mail you one complete set of the "Sovereign Empowerment Package." The group can pay the fee by check or money order in said amount and send it, along with the name of the county and state, the name and contact information of the leader and the names, addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of the other members, to:

P. O. Box 1031
Issaquah, WA 98027

Make your check payable to "NARLO - SAVE THE USA"

See our disclosure statement HERE.

If you would prefer to pay by credit card, use the "BUY NOW" button below.

One-time Sovereign Chapter Fee $99.95

If you pay by credit card, please send us an e-mail containing the information required by paragraph 2 above. You will find our contact information below.

3. Upon receipt of the Chapter Fee and member information, "SAVE THE USA" will send, by Priority U. S. Mail, to the leader of the new Chapter the following information:

           a. Complete instructions on how to organize and operate the chapter

           b. Describe the mission of the Chapter - How to be effective

           c. What additional assistance and benefits the Chapter will receive from the "Save the USA", (i.e. phone or e-mail consultation, "Save the USA" organization advocacy on behalf of local chapter issues, etc.) and

           d. A complete "Sovereign Empowerment Package"

NARLO and its "Save the USA" affiliate have been advocates for landowners and other Americans since 2005 (thirteen years) and we are well known and well respected all across America. We represent the highest in integrity, honesty and honor.

If you have any questions we are eager to assist you. Here is our contact information.

P. O. Box 1031, Issaquah, WA 98027
Telephone: 425 837-5365 or 1 800 682-7848
FAX: (Call 425 837-5365 first)
E-mail address:
Ron Ewart, President
E-mail address:


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