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We are no longer publishing our articles under the "Parallax Prophecies" banner. All future articles will be published under the "In Defense of Rural America" banner.

However, previous issues of the "Parallax Prophecies" column prior to October 21, 2012 can be viewed at the archives of the Federal Observer website HERE, starting with the most current article first.

issues of the "Parallax Prophecies" Column, starting with October 21, 2012 can be found HERE

Archives of the "In Defense of Rural America" column are listed below by name and date of article, with the most current article at the top of the list.

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In our articles, we don't pull any punches and never will. We write what many others are afraid to write. We say what others don't have the courage to say, in a climate of fear that has made "politically correct" a retreat for cowards. In the end, it is up to the reader to determine for him or herself whether we have the best interests of a free America and the individual rights of all Americans, at heart. Each reader of what we write has the option to accept or reject our arguments, premises, or opinions. It is their right to make that judgment but it is not up to us to care one way or another, which way they decide. Because, in a free society, it is the fearless expression of ideas, whether benign or controversial, that stirs the pot of free thought and gives it life, as well as advancing the principles of liberty. If the reader is offended by what we write, it is their issue to resolve, not ours."

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"Don't Blame Bernie. Blame The Stupid, Naive' Bernie Voters" 3/8/20

"Where Else Can It Lead But Civil War?" 3/1/20

"New Hampshire Colonials Must Be Vomiting In Their Graves" 2/23/20

"For Millions of Us, Watching America Die Is Gut Wrenching" 2/9/20

"USMCA - Americans Sold Down The River ..... Again!" 2/2/20

"Now Just How Are You 'Gonna' Change Things?" 1/26/20

"Is Today's American Really Capable of Self-Government?" 1/19/20

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"Get Progressive Educated Idiots Out of Education!" 12/15/19

"Americans Are Suckers And Led Around By The Nose!" 12/8/19

"Is The American Spirit Alive and Well This Thanksgiving?" 11/27/19 - Special Thanksgiving Edition

"Without Adherence To Principle There is Chaos!" 11/17/19

"One Day You May Have To Pick Up A Sword" 11/10/19

"You Can Hide From Government But Not For Long" 11/3/19

"Environmentalists Have Every American In A Chokehold" 10/27/19

"What Do Socialists and Environmentalists Really Want?" 10/20/19

"Democrats Have and Are Tearing the Nuclear Family Asunder" 10/13/19

"Mable, I Don't Get. What Happened to America" 10/6/19

"Demographics Will Eventually Destroy Our Founding-Father's Republic" 9/29/19

"Small Efforts Can't Stop Congressional Gridlock Or The Deep State" 9/22/19

"Democrats, Lay Off My Hamburger And My Guns" 9/15/19

"Customer Service Has Gone To Hell In America" 9/8/19

"Stare Deep Into The Crystal Ball And You'll See Civil War" 9/1/19

"Sucked In By Technology - Brainwashed By Education" 8/25/19

"The Flood of Government Code Violations, A Regulation Nightmare" 8/18/19

"Confront The Bully Or Be His Slave!" 8/11/19

"There Is Only One Inviolate Truth in the Declaration" 8/4/19

"Jack, They Want To Take My Baby" 7/28/19

"Yes, White Men Built America. It's A Fact" 7/21/19

"Oh What Fools We Mortals Be When We Practice Stupidity" 7/14/19

"Is The 4th of July Truly Independence Day?" 7/3/19

"Are There Any Mavericks Left In America?" 6/30/19

"There Is No Law But Democrat-Deep State Law" 6/23/19

No articles from May 26 to June 23, 2019

"Overwhelmed By A Clear and Present Danger!" 5/26/19

"Done In By Our Own Irrational Compassion" 5/19/19

"Lest We Forget The Heroes of America's Silent Revolution" 5/12/19

"We Will Not Surrender To A Democrat Aristocracy!" 5/5/19

"Nothing Will Change Until the PEOPLE Act" 4/28/19

Article for April 21, 2019 omitted.

"Is The Great Western Rural Lifestyle Dying?" 4/14/19

"Your Single-Family Home Uses Way Too Much Energy!" 4/7/19

"Let's Face It, Can American Freedom Be Saved ..... Peacefully?" 3/31/19

"Almost Every Politician, Judge and Bureaucrat Is Corrupt" 3/24/19

"If You Let Them Win, War Is Inevitable" 3/17/19

"Raw Meat In A Forest" 3/10/19


"Liberals Fully Intend To Bury Conservatives" 3/3/19

"Everything Has Turned Upside Down and Stark Raving Crazy" 2/24/19

"It's Not the Politicians We Fear, It's the People" 2/17/19

"Science Is Too Valuable To Be Hijacked By Politics" 2/10/19

"Socialism Caused The Paris and Caracas Riots" 2/3/19

"America's Trajectory Is Europe And You Can't Stop It!" 1/27/19

"This Is The Dysfunctional Government We The People Elected" 1/20/19

"The Ugly Truth About Property Rights" 1/13/19

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"Are Americans Condemning Their Children To Slavery?" 12/23/18

"Paris Riots - Ayn Rand's Prophecy Coming True" 12/16/18

"Your Family Just Paid $1,636 For Illegal Aliens" 12/9/18

"We Now Live In A Land Of Zealots and Lunatics" 12/2/18

"Out of Tyranny Freedom Was Born" 11/25/18

"We Just Sit There and Watch While Our Home Burns" 11/18/18

"We Are Surrounded in A World of Liars and Conmen" 11/11/18

"Violence Can Be The Manifestation Of Societal Turmoil" 11/4/18

"Only The Righteous Hear The Truth" 10/28/18

"To Implement Socialism Just Brainwash The Kids" 10/21/18

"Hey! Let's Just Let 'Em All In" 10/14/18

From September 16 to October 14th, we took a hiatus from our weekly column.

"Is The Future of America An Avalanche of Socialism?" 9/16/18

"Responsible American Taxpayers Are Just A Bunch of Dumb Suckers!" 9/9/18

"Here Are The Unimpeachable, Irrevocable Realities!" 9/2/18

"What On Earth Can the Left and Right Compromise?" 8/26/18

"Who Speaks For the Forgotten and Ignored Generation?" 8/19/18

"It Would Appear That Representative Government Is Dead" 8/12/18

"He Has Sent Hither Swarms Of Code Enforcement Officers" 7/29/18

"The Incestuous Cesspool of the Democratic DC Marsh" 7/26/18 Special Edition

"Trump Threw A Stick of Dynamite Into the Establishment" 7/22/18

"We Live In A Lying, Lustful, Larcenous Fantasy World of Illusion" 7/15/18

"If America Goes Socialist Is Civil War Inevitable?" 7/4/18 July 4th SPECIAL EDITION

"Thousands of Small Internet Businesses Could Be Forced To Close" 7/1/18

"How Can 3.4% x 3.62% x 2% Equal Global Warming?" 6/24/18

"States Are No Longer States Under the Constitution" 6/17/18

"Don't You Feel It? Anger and Frustration Are Everywhere" 6/10/18

"Urban Dwellers Won't Save America, They'll Destroy It" 6/3/18

"Royalty, Dynasties, the Elite, the Deep State and Central Bankers" 5/27/18

"When Do Too Many Laws Equal Slavery?" 5/20/18

"Well Johnny What Did You Learn At School Today?" 5/13/18

"An Alien Invasion That Will Destroy America" 5/6/18

"We're Just Doing A Routine Inspection of Your Property" 4/29/18

"Noble Individuals Will Save America. Mob Rule Will Destroy It" 4/22/18

"The Stories That Government Is Afraid To Tell" 4/15/18

"And Liberals Wonder Why Americans Are Buying More Guns" 4/8/18

"America Is Doing Great. Not To Worry" 4/1/18

"Can A Sign Revoke Government's Implied License To Trespass?" 3/25/18

"What Happens When The People Cease Being Sovereign?" 3/18/18

"Mama, Your Child Is Going To Die" 3/11/18

"America Needs A Mindset Shift From Citizen To Sovereign" 3/4/18

"Articles of Impeachment For Democrat Federal Political Office Holders" 2/25/18

"A Powerful Solution To America's Frustration With Government" 2/18/18

"Without Honor Corruption Becomes the Norm" 2/11/18

"The IRS - Arbitrary, Capricious, Arrogant and Corrupt!" 2/4/18

"Dreamers - 800,000 New Democrat Voters" 1/28/18

"Just How Bad is the BLM?" 1/21/18

"America Is On Its Way To National Self-Destruction" 1/14/18

"Why Do 57% of Americans Want More Government?" 1/7/18



"Lots of Investigations But No Prosecutions or Incarcerations" 12/17/17

"If You Ain't Mad Yet, You'd Better Get Mad" 12/10/17

"When Older Americans Die Who Will Speak For Freedom?" 12/3/17

"With Everyone Bought Off Nothing Can Change" 11/26/17

"Big City Liberals Are Forcing Rural Counties To Secede" 11/19/17

"Inertia Is Why We Can't Stop America's Socialist Train" 11/12/17

"Rural Landowners Are Prisoners On Their Own Land" 11/5/17

"The Problem Is Big, Centralized Government" 10/29/17

"You Ain't Never Going to Drain the American Swamp" 10/22/17

"Global Mass Hysteria From Notoriously Inaccurate Climate Modeling" 10/15/17

"Progressivism, An Illegal Raid On the Public Treasury" 10/8/17

"Those That Can Fix It Just Keep Kicking the Can" 10/1/17

"Social Security - The Second Government Socialist Trap "9/24/17

"The UN is Determined to Swallow America and its Wealth" 9/17/17

"Good Lord, Why Do Americans Put Up With It? "9/10/17

"The Distorted Window Through Which Americans Perceive Reality" 9/3/17

"Disturbing Socialist Echoes From America's Past" 8/27/17

"Is America In the Throes of a Nasty Divorce" 8/20/17

"They're Gaining On Me. I Must Keep Running" 8/13/17

"Government Has Americans Conned Six Ways From Sunday" 8/6/17

"Americans Oblivious to the Approaching Storm" 7/30/17

"Equity and Social Justice - Democrats Tool For Perpetual Power" 7/23/17

"Hey Folks, Are You Beginning To See A Pattern?" 7/16/17

"Has the 4th of July Become An Oxymoron?" 7/9/17

"Republicans Would Be Democrats Without the Conservative Wing" 7/2/17

"An Open Letter To Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin" 6/25/17

"The Underhanded Skullduggery to Pass the 14th Amendment" 6/18/17

"My Name is Viktor Maelvikoff, Part 2" 6/11/17

"My Name is Viktor Maelvikoff" 6/4/17

"They're Coming For Thee and They're Coming For Me" 5/28/17

"When Are Americans Going to Bury the IRS?" 5/21/17

"Save the USA - Abolish the IRS" - 5/14/17"

May 7th 2017 article omitted.

"Why Hasn't IRS Commissioner Koskinen Been Fired or Impeached?" - 4/30/17"

"Illegal Aliens Have More Rights Than IRS Taxpayers" - 4/23/17"

"When Democrats Move Hard Left You Don't Compromise" - 4/16/17"

"Why America Is So Hard To Fix" - 4/9/17"

"Are You A Subject of Government, Or A Sovereign?" - 4/2/17"

"What Happened to the Simple Solutions?" - 3/26/17"

"America's Division Is Government's Greatest Weapon Against Us" - 3/19/17"

"The News Media, Progressive Co-Conspirators and Racketeers" - 3/12/17"

"What's In Trump's Little Black Box?" -3/5/17"

"Only Fools Trust Government, Academia and the News Media" - 2/26/17"

"America's 'Poor Me' Generation, Awash in Self-Pity" - 2/19/17"

"How Many Illegals, Refugees and Addicts Can We Afford" - 2/12/17"

"100+ Years of Progressive Rule Unraveling" - 2/5/17"

"Overrun and Overwhelmed by Illegal Aliens and Sanctuary Cities" - 1/29/17"

"Sanctuary Cities Slap Every Lawful American in the Face" - 1/22/17"

"Now We Get It. Putin Good, America Bad!" - 1/15/17"

"Putin Needs To Be Injected With A Large Dose of Estrogen" - 1/8/17"

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Due to some pressing issues we were unable to upload many of our articles since June 2016 up to October 2016. However, all of the missing articles can be found HERE.

"Who Occupies the Swamp That Needs to Be Drained?" - 12/11/16"

"A 1, 2, 3 Punch That Doomed America's Constitutional Republic" - 12/04/16"

"In Wyoming, They Despise Politicians at the Circle P" - 11/27/16"

"Why Trump Won't Stop the Land War in the West" - 11/20/16"

"OK, So Trump Was Elected. Don't Be Expecting Miracles." - 11/13/16"

"Big Cities Spawn Corrupt Socialists Like Hillary Clinton" - 11/6/16"

"Will A Hillary Presidency Trigger A Revolution?" - 10/30/16"

"Globalists Will Enslave Us, Radical Islam Will Kill Us" - 10/23/16"

"Did Hillary Sacrifice the Benghazi Heroes For Money?" - 10/9/16"

"Do You Really, Really, Really Want To Save America?" - 10/2/16"

"The Masses Need a Course in Economics, Capital and Freedom" - 9/4/16"

"The IRS Doesn�t Need Criminal Intent To Prosecute!" - 7/31/16"

"Please, Please, Democrats, Sue to Defend Climate Change" - 7/24/16"

"What Was That 4th of July Freedom Again?" - 7/3/16"

"The Diseases That Have Infected America�s Vital Organs" - 5/29/16"

"Don�t Get Mad At the IRS, Get Even!" - 5/22/16"

"Will You Be Government�s Next Target?" - 5/15/16"

"Getting Even With Government, Legally" - 5/8/16"

"When Government Comes Calling, What Can You Do?" - 5/1/16"

"A Nation Needs Powerful, Wealthy, Ambitious Men!" - 4/24/16"

"Men In Dark Suits, Blue Smoke and Backroom Deals" - 4/17/16"

"An �Establishment� Always Evolves Into An All-Powerful Oligarchy" - 4/10/16"

"Are Democrats Using Google To Silence Free Speech?" - 4/3/16"

"What Would Life Be Like Without Toilet Paper?" - 3/27/16"

"Don't Mess With the Landowners of Tazewell County" - 3/20/16"

"Without People and Money, There Is No Solution" - 3/13/16"

"How Do We Convince Robert Berger He�s Wrong?" - 3/6/16"

"The FEDS Are Determined to Bury the Bundy Movement" - 2/28/16"

"The Gun To Every American's Head" - 2/21/16"

"The Oregon Standoff Was A Predictable Reaction to Oppression" - 2/14/16"

"The Futility of the Oregon Armed Standoff" - 2/7/16"

"America�s Collapse is a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy � UNLESS!" - 1/31/16"

"The Makings of An American West Rebellion!" - 1/24/16"

"Enviro-Wacos Won�t Be Happy Until The Bundy Militia is Dead! " - 1/17/16"

"We Must Outlaw Knives, Baseball Bats and Cars!" - 1/10/16"



"Trump Is A Symptom - Not A God!" - 12/20/15"

SPECIAL EDITION - "What If They Are All Corrupt?" - 12/16/15"

"The American Blood Spilled in San Bernardino Is On Obama�s Hands" - 12/13/15"

"Secession or War - American West Against the East" - 12/6/15"

"The Indomitable Human Spirit Embodied In The Joy of Wonder" - 11/29/15"

"Republican Presidential Candidates Living in Alice�s Wonderland" - 11/22/15"

"The Environmentalist�s Plan Is An Outright Vicious Attack On Freedom" - 11/15/15"

"BHO + IRS + DOJ + FBI = Collusion + Corruption + Racketeering" - 11/8/15"

"The Real Agenda of the 2015 Paris Climate Change Conference" - 10/25/15"

"Who The Devil Is Running This Damn Country Anyway?" - 10/18/15"

"The 'System' - Impenetrable, Inflexible and Un-Yielding" - 10/11/15"

"How Democrats Milk America's Safety Net" - 10/04/15"

"Is Trump the Personification of A Glittering Generality?" - 9/27/15"

"Hillary - Hostile, Hollow, Harlot and Political Whore" - 9/20/15"

"Can A Country of Whites, Blacks, Latinos and Muslims Survive?" - 9/13/15"

"We Grow Tired and Angry With the Constant White Bashing" - 9/6/15"

"We've Charged the IRS With Mail Fraud and Extortion" - 8/30/15"

"Environmentalists Killed the Large Lot Single Family Home" - 8/23/15"

"You Don't Need A 'Night of the Long Knives' To Silence Critics" - 8/16/15"

"We're Charging Governors With Violation of Oath of Office" - 8/9/15"

"Your In-Action Today Condemns Your Children to Tomorrow's Slaves" - 8/2/15"

"The Art of Being Effective - Leaving a Mark" - 7/26/15"

"Just How Are You Going To Overcome The Freeloader's Vote?" - 6/28/15"

"How To Poke the IRS in the Eye and Win" - 6/14/15"

"The NARLO Chronicles" - 6/7/15"

"Why Waste The Effort If Nothing Is Going to Change?" - 5/31/15"

"Is It Too Harsh To Force Illegal Aliens To Self Deport?" - 5/24/15"

"America Is On The Threshold Of A Deepening Twilight" - 5/17/15"

"The Slow, Torturous, Silent Repeal of the Bill of Rights" - 5/10/15"

"America, The Land of Censored Conservative Speech" - 5/3/15"

"There Is Only One Solution, Force Government's Hand" - 4/26/15"

"Posse Comitatus Won't Save You From the U. S. Military" - 4/19/15"

"Can An Obscure Author Rise from the Shadows to Become President?" - 4/12/15"

"Government Doesn't Give You Freedom, You Take It!" - 4/5/15"

"An Honorable Common Sense Conservative Candidate for President" - 3/29/15"

"As They Say In Missouri, We're A-Fixin To Esplain it to You" - 3/22/15"

"Just How Are You Going To Reverse Engineer History?" - 3/15/15"

"The Great Sovereign Threat to America's Left" - 3/8/15"

"Politicians - Worthless, Toothless, Spineless and Honorless!" - 3/1/15"

"I Shall Comply No More Forever, Or Until ….." - 2/22/15"

"What Is The Threshold At Which Americans Will Revolt?" - 2/15/15"

"Collusion, If Not Outright Criminality, At Eric Holder's DOJ" - 2/8/15"

"The Embedded and Institutionalized Corruption at the IRS" - 2/1/15"

"The Corruption in Education That Brainwashes Your Kids!" - 1/25/15"

"Donald Trump Makes Obama Walk the Plank" - 1/18/15"

"Corruption, Collusion & Cronyism - America's Judicial System" - 1/11/15"

"The Federal Government is a Racket, Engaged in Racketeering" - 1/4/15"



"A Cherub's Glee, 'Long side the Christmas Tree" - 12/17/14"

"Obama, An Anatomy of a Liar and A Traitor!" - 12/14/14"

"Americans Already Live In A One World Order" - 12/7/14"

"You Can't Get To Freedom on the Compassion Plan" - 11/30/14"

"We Declare Open Resistance To Obama's Tyranny!" - 11/23/14"

"Every Democrat In Congress Should Be Charged With Fraud" - 11/19/14"

"OK, So The Republicans Won. What's Changed?" - 11/16/14"

"The Earth Is Not 100 Years Old" - 11/9/14"

"Without Liberty, We Might As Well Be Dead" - 11/2/14"

"The Predators Are Out There, Salivating!" - 10/26/14"

"Voting Hasn't Worked, So Now What?" - 10/19/14"

"Obama Doesn't Need an EO To Repeal the 2nd Amendment" - 10/12/14"

"Putting the Emphasis on America's Good Side" - 10/5/14"

"Too Many Americans - Shallow, Hollow and Just Plain Stupid" - 9/28/14"

"The West and Radical Islam - 100 or 1,000 Years War?" - 9/21/14"

"Obama's Emergency Cabinet Meeting Prior to Midterm Elections" - 9/14/14"

"Indians, Wolves, Grizzlies and Other Endangered Species Insanities" - 9/7/14"

"Could The IRS Become America's Gestapo?" - 8/31/14"

"The Drake Equation and the Fraud of Climate Modeling" - 8/24/14"

"The Keystone Pipeline, Eminent Domain and Government Duplicity" - 8/17/14"

""Just How Evil and Corrupt is the American Government?" " - 8/10/14"

"Slavery at the Hands of Environmental Fascists" - 8/3/14"

"Bergdahl - Obama, Deserters In The Face of The Enemy" - 7/27/14"

"The Deadly Sting of Snakes, Scorpions and Democrats" - 7/20/14"

"The Government, the Devil and the Cone of Uncertainty" - 7/13/14"

"Just How Are You Gonna Unravel This Banana Republic?" - 7/6/14"

"The Impending Disaster From the Hordes of Illegal Aliens" - 6/29/14"

"Freedom is a Fading Mirage on a Darkening Horizon" - 6/22/14"

"A Feisty Veteran Refuses to be Bullied by the Border Patrol" - 6/15/14"

"America -Dictatorship by Bureaucracy" - 6/08/14"

"Let Us Reach Into Your Hearts and Light the Fire of Freedom" - 6/01/14"

"The Face Behind The Growing Anger In America" - 5/18/14"

"The IRS Came, They Saw and They Conquered" - 5/11/14"

"Buy A Vote - Kill A Republic" - 5/4/14"

"The Cowboys vs. Lyin' Harry and the BLMdians" - 4/27/14"

"How To Beat Government Without Hiring A Lawyer" - 4/20/14"

"Millions of Americans Are Itching To Lock and Load" - 4/16/14"

"The Unintended Consequences of Political Good Intentions" - 4/13/14"

"Why Was Obama's Mother Sexually Attracted to Swarthy, Foreign Nationals" - 4/6/14"

"Mr. President, You Are A Consummate Liar!" - 3/30/14"

"Putting A Face On Radical Environmentalism" - 3/23/14"

"Environmentalism - Building Block of Global Government"- 3/16/14

"A Nuclear Submarine Captain and the President"- 3/09/14

"America Needs To Be Shaken, Not Stirred"- 3/2/14

"Sheep Never Stalk The Tiger" - 2/23/14

"Does Government Have the Statutory to Enforce Law?" - 2/16/14

"Obama Pushes and the People Punt" - 2/9/14

"You Are An Involuntary Servant To Almighty Government" - 2/2/14

"The Lawsuit That Could Dismantle the IRS" - 1/26/14

"Why Are Thousands of Producers Not Paying Taxes?" - 1/19/14

"Why Congress Will Never Repeal The IRS" - 1/13/14

"And The Devil Said To Obama ....." - 1/5/14



"Salmon Recovery Forces Landowner To Abandon Her Land!"- 4/21/13

"Never Underestimate The Power Of Freedom!"- 4/28/13

"Jailed For 5 Months For Cleaning Out A Ditch" - 5/5/13

"Rural America, In The Crosshairs" - 5/12/13

"How Obama Illegally Bought The Black and Latino Rural Vote" - 5/19/13

"Government Is Infected With the Pus of Tyrannical Socialism" - 5/26/13

"Can There Be Any Escape From the Outlaw IRS" - 6/2/13

"Welcome Illegals - Free Stuff - Amnesty - No Worries" - 6/9/13

"Obama, Congress & Media on IRS - Feigned Outrage!" - 6/16/13

"The Threat of the Global Cabal of Colluding Entities" - 6/23/13

"Laws, Taken to Absurdity, Become Slavery" - 6/30/13

"Out of the Mouth of the Dark Side" - 7/7/13

"Saving America - One City, County and State At A Time" - 7/14/13

"The IRS - Inept, Criminally Negligent and Hopelessly Corrupt" - 7/21/13

"RINOs, Pretty Wimps and Gutless Wonders" - 7/28/13

"You're Letting Liberal Educated Globalists Brainwash Your Kids" - 8/4/13

"SPECIAL EDITION - Common Core Standards - Suspicions Confirmed" - 8/7/13

"The Only Effective Weapon - Massive Disobedience" - 8/11/13

"Where Were Barack and Hillary The Night Our Ambassador Was Killed?" - 8/18/13

"Voluntary Charity vs. Compassion At The Point Of A Gun" - 8/25/13

"Angry Protests vs. Bullets and Heavy Weapons" - 9/1/13

"What Happens When The Wise Ones Are Gone" - 9/8/13

"Probing Eyes On IRS Lies" - 9/15/13

"Your Ignorance of the IRS Is Their Weapon Against You" - 9/22/13

"SJ+RE+OWO = A Planet in Chains" - 9/29/13

"Don't Sign Up For Obama's Health Care Nightmare" - 10/6/13

"America - Swallowed Up By A Stink Hole" - 10/13/13

"Ted Cruz and the Republicnauts" - 10/20/13

"Is Obama's Deck Stacked Against Us" - 10/27/13

"The IRS On Trial For Corruption and High Crimes" - 11/3/13

"The Eye of the Universe Isn't Watching" - 11/10/13

"The 13th Amendment - Repealed in Secret" - 11/17/13

"Rising To The Level Of Their Own Destruction" - 11/24/13

"The Great Sucking Siphon of America's Wealth" - 12/1/13

"An Angry Warning To Obama's IRS" - 12/8/13

"Wrapped In The Chains of Obama Care" - 12/15/13

"Is America In the Grip of Cowardice?" - 12/22/13



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