Getting Even With Government

"Progressivism makes strong people weak and weak people even weaker. It robs them of their pride, dignity, self-respect and their motivation to achieve something greater than the image they see in the mirror. It teaches them that dependency is OK and self-reliance and independence isn't necessary. Progressives are predatory and prey upon the weakest among us. Progressivism was never about compassion, it was and is always about votes and power." Ron Ewart

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Freedom Isn't Free=
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As we stated in the opening lines of our article launching "SAVE THE USA" on September 14, 2016, 5,000 years of human history have proven that free republics have a lifespan of a little over 200 years before they start eating themselves and morph into socialism or fascism. It's three minutes after 11 PM and there are only 57 minutes on our 12-hour clock to save America from the fate of all other free republics. By the year 2040 nothing will remain of the Founders dream of liberty for all men under a Constitutional Republic, if America continues on its current path.

Sadly, the majority of Americans like it just the way it is, or don't care one way or the other. This majority has the majority of the votes so they will do nothing to change the status quo. It is left to a minority of Americans to convince the majority that their days of free living off the sweat, blood and tears of productive Americans will eventually come to an end, either by running out of money, or outright civil war.

That minority is composed of three groups of Americans, the silent patriot, the freedom fighter and the militia, as depicted in the following image.

Interlocking Circles of Freedom

The silent patriot is fully aware of the degradation of freedom, but doesn't have a solution, or is afraid to act. The freedom fighter is on the peaceful front lines trying to slow down that degradation. The Militia anxiously waits in the shadows, locked, loaded and training for when they may be needed. These groups are the only ones that can save America from freedom-robbing Progressivism. They can't do it with their votes, so there has to be another way and there is.

It is the goal of "SAVE THE USA" to coalesce and merge these three groups into a cohesive force comprised of millions of Americans who are dedicated to the defense, preservation and protection of the American way of life as a Constitutional Republic. It is our mission to get millions of freedom-loving Americans, silent patriots, freedom fighters and the Militia, to engage in a "Culture of Open Peaceful Resistance" all across America.

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The USA needs to be saved from:

1. Progressivism
2. Illegal immigration and open borders
3. Public School and College brainwashing and indoctrination
4. Obama Care
5. Radical Environmentalism
6. The Fraud that is Climate Change
7. The One-World-Order
8. Shipping American jobs offshore
9. Union blackmail
10. All foreign enemies and radical Islamic Terrorism
11. Crony capitalism
12. Political and bureaucratic corruption, waste, fraud and abuse, like the EPA, ESA, IRS, BLM, USFW, etc.

... by harnessing the unstoppable power of the "Interlocking Circles of Resistance."

Our focus will be on the following major categories:

1. Education
2. Legal challenges
3. Political influence

But none of this is even remotely possible without the combined efforts of tens of thousands of not-silent-any-more patriots, freedom fighters, or the men and women of the Militia. Our success will be directly related to how many of you will engage with us in this effort.

SO DON'T SIT ON YOUR COUCH. GET INVOLVED: If you are a silent patriot, freedom fighter, or member of the militia, consider signing our DECLARATION OF OPEN RESISTANCE Petition HERE. See the instructions at the bottom of the Petition on how to make a copy and what to do with it. If you deem our efforts worthy, you might include a donation when you return the signed petition. Or send us an e-mail request HERE and we will e-mail back a copy of the Petition to you in Microsoft WORD format. Let us know if you would like to be a captain of your area to collect signatures and return multiple Petitions.


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Ladies and gentlemen. An "idea" has power if the "idea" becomes part of the collective mindset! If this Petition swept across America it would become National News and all Americans would have to sit up and take notice that the "Interlocking Circles of Peaceful Resistance" are not about to let their country descend into the black abyss of socialism, or maybe even fascism, no matter what it takes.

This is only the beginning of the actions we are about to undertake. With your help we can develop "SAVE THE USA" to be one of the most powerful forces for freedom and liberty ever seen in America, all starting with a simple Petition that goes viral. A Petition that "Declares Open Peaceful Resistance" against the corrupt "system" that has been allowed to infect America with the insidious, mind-numbing, freedom-robbing disease known as Progressivism.


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Initial funding for this massive undertaking, will come from the sale of existing affiliate products. See our range of products HERE. We have a very large rural market with thousands of customers from over 10 years of past and on-going activities. We will be using our three affiliate websites for additional marketing opportunities. We are working out the details of a new product in conjunction with our existing products. Additional funding will come from small and large donations.

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Getting Even With Government

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